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Emulate — ZOË Culture Module

Release time:2022-04-08 14:47


product details

Zoë maintains the life span of cells in the emulate organ chip through the precise micro physiological conditions required for automated culture chips (up to 12). Zo ë is an open platform that can help researchers build a variety of organ models and realize a variety of possible applications, such as disease modeling, target verification, safety and effectiveness evaluation of candidate drugs, etc.

Core functions

Seamless interface: the integrated platform avoids the complex, manual and error prone settings of syringe pump and pipeline.

Medium flow: independently control the flow rate of each channel or establish the gas-liquid interface according to the experimental needs.

Cyclic stretching: adjust the frequency and strain of cyclic stretching to reproduce the mechanical force of breathing or peristalsis.

Bubble reduction: use proprietary regulation ™ Circulation to avoid common failure points in other micro physiological systems

Cloud connection and control: use the ZO ë manager network application to realize experimental planning, monitoring and modification without geographical restrictions.

Verifiable data log: easily check the history of pressure and tensile properties through automatically generated data log.

Remote support: maximize the normal operation time of the instrument through remote diagnosis, support and wireless hardware update.

Human body simulation system ® Components of

Zo ë - cm2 is a human body simulation system ® Components of. Human body simulation system is a complete chip solution for simulating human organs, including instruments, consumables and software applications.

Human simulation system aims to open the technology of human organ simulation chip to researchers at any level of experience, so that it can carry out more reproducible and physiological related research in a variety of organ models and applications.