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2024 Spring Festival holiday notice

Release time:2024-02-05 09:28      Views:236

Dear customers:

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, we are about to enter the annual holiday. Thank you for your trust and support in our company over the past year. 

Based on the specific situation of our company, the specific arrangement for the Spring Festival holiday is as follows:

1. Holiday period: February 6, 2024 (the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month) to February 17, 2024 (the eighth day of the first lunar month) (a total of 12 days). On February 18, 2024 (the ninth day of the first lunar month), normal work will resume.

2. During the holiday period, sales managers in each region will receive orders and provide quotations normally, and shipments will be suspended.

3. Please contact the sales managers of each region for details.

The company wishes everyone in advance:

Happy New Year, happy family, and everything goes smoothly.

Redbert (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

February 5th, 2024